My Top 10 Albums of 2012

December 26, 2012 | In: Music

2012 wasn’t my favorite year in music, but there were definitely some stand out albums. These are the albums that I enjoyed the most.

Lost In The TreesA Church to Fit Our Needs

by Lost In The Trees
Best track: “Red”

A Church to Fit Our Needs is heartbreakingly beautiful, both musically and lyrically. This band has really created a masterpiece in this, their second full-legth LP. I think this album will easily stay in my top 100 albums of all time. Lost In The Trees is an amazing band that I hope to hear much more of in the future.

Kishi Bashi151a

by Kishi Bashi
Best track: “Manchester”

Lush with strings and sample layering, this album really stands out from everything else I listened to in 2012.

Alt-JAn Awesome Wave

by Alt-J
Best track: “Breezeblocks”

This album is as amazing as it is weird.

Purity RingShrines

by Purity Ring
Best track: “Fineshrine”

This is one of those albums that I kept going back to when I got bored with everything else. It’s unique, but not challenging to listen to.

Family of the YearLoma Vista

by Family of the Year
Best track: “Stairs”

I think this band has the potential to be really successful. This album is solid from start to finish with great indie pop songs.

Wowser BowserWowser Bowser

by Wowser Bowser
Best track: “El Dialeda Ho”

This album went unnoticed by music critics, which is a shame. This is a solid indie pop album. Hopefully, more recognition will come the time around.

Lord HuronLonesome Dreams

by Lord Huron
Best track: “Ends of the Earth”

Alt-Country pop goodness from start to finish.


by Grimes
Best track: “Genesis”

I love the experimental nature of this album and am particularly impressed that she created it using Garage Band on her Mac.

The Magnetic NorthOrkney: Symphony of the Magnetic North

by The Magnetic North
Best track: “ Bay of Skaill”

Beautiful, lush and epic — this album is similar to Lost in Trees, but less folky.

BowerbirdsThe Clearing

by Bowerbirds
Best track: “Walk the Furrows”

Solid indie folk from a band that clearly has a passion for making music.

Honorable Mentions

These are some albums that I enjoyed in 2012 that are definitely worth a listen if you like any of the Top 10 stuff:

Lastly, here is a playlist on Spotify that has my top 25 tracks of 2012, from these albums and others. Enjoy!

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A great little piece on KPBS’s San Diego Historic Places about San Diego’s mid-century modern architecture and art.


Watch Mid Century Modern on PBS. See more from San Diego Historic Places.

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Anyone who knows me well, knows that I always have at least two or three startup ideas brewing in mind at any given time. Unfortunately, I’ve never felt like I had the time or resources to execute on any of them.  However, late last year I decided that I was tired of seeing other people build and launch startups I thought of years ago and decided to make time to pursue launching one of my stronger ideas — EvenBetterHalf.

To sum up EvenBetterHalf, it’s an online/mobile app that will allow couples to track all of the wonderful (and average) things that they do for each other, earn points for those things and be rewarded with badges, special offers and the satisfaction of knowing who really is the better half.

I’m very excited about this startup. I’ve got a great co-founder and we’re working with some very talented folks to get this thing up and running soon.

Support us by signing up for the private beta by March 11 and you can enter our $1,000 American Express Gift Card Giveaway!

More updates soon!

- MB

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